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Hello again!  It’s your resident Harley-Davidson Shopaholic (this is a strictly self appointed designation) with more gift ideas.

As was mentioned previously, I tend to spend a few minutes around the MotorClothes® desk to see what’s new coming into the shop. 

Lately, the new stock dropping has been so enticing. I may as well turn my paycheque right back to the boss-man to pay for all the goodies I want! 

This time around, since I am basically done with my Christmas shopping with the exception of my mother-in-law (I am open to any and all ideas), I thought I would make a post with hopes that my husband will see and pull his wallet out. 
Dave, this is the part where you pay attention!


The two greatest things in this world (other than the Low Rider S) are warm feet and sparkly anything.  Keep your feet warm in style with these chic slippers.  Added bonus for Alison: the soles are rubber so I wont fall down (or up) the stairs.

2. Ladies Alloyed Dyed Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

This girl loves her hoodies, especially hoodies that seem like they are specifically designed for Christmas feasting.  The decorative zippers on the front prove functional by allowing additional room for an extra helping of turkey and a second slice of pie.  It is comfy and ideal for mid-afternoon napping (come on, every one does it!) when the turkey-coma kicks into gear. 

3. Harley-Davidson Swirly Black Hoodie

Another Hoodie! Seriously, the Farmer’s Almanac is saying it is supposed to be a long and cold winter.  Around the dealership, we have to dress in layers, so this hoodie will look great under a coat, another coat, and another coat.  Someone should tell Jeff to turn the heat up. 

4. Harley-Davidson Jacquard Sleeve Sweater (Black)

This sweater is simple, classy, and very warm. Warmth will be an ongoing theme of my list, if you haven’t noticed already.  It helps that this is fitted and looks absolutely fabulous over a pair of jeans. 

5. Harley-Davidson Jacquard Sleeve Sweater (Cream)

Once again, obeying the laws of shopping, when you find something you like, you must always purchase in multiple colours.  Fortunately, this washes up like a dream, since I am such a spilly-eater and drinker. 

6. Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Highball Glasses

I’m on a bit of a bourbon kick right now, Bulleit if you are wondering.  It is so very tasty. I think the glassware adds to the experience, so it is a must to have a super-cool set of  glasses to enjoy your favourite bevvy in. 


7. Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Stemless Wine Glasses


Wine.  I may not be a Sommelier, but I know what I like. Only the finest card Bordeaux will do for me (which is an ever present fixture in my fridge). As mentioned previously, I am a spilly-drinker, so having wine glasses without a stem just makes sense for me. 

8. Harley-Davidson Ceramic Hog Bank

I’m saving my pennies for another bike.  I want this to collect my loonies and toonies.  Wouldn’t it be absolutely hilarious to pay for a new bike using 12,000 two dollar coins?  I’m sure the person tasked with counting the payment would hate me for it… oh wait


9. Harley-Davidson Logo Pullover Hoodie

Oh look, another source of warmth. 

Show your love for Harley with this simple, yet warm, sweat shirt. 

I got mine a size too big for added comfort when lounging.  

 This is always a safe bet.  Let her pick out her own gift in the new year!  Rocky’s offers gift cards of any value. 



Seriously, I had a hard time condensing this list to only ten items.

I walk through the MotorClothes® section of the store to Leigh-Anne, Ani and Jody rolling their eyes at me asking what I am buying now (spoiler alert, it is usually something). 

I would be happy to help pick out gifts for your ladies, and I’ll even wrap them you.  The Men’s VIP Shopping Day is coming up later this week. 

Thursday only, save the taxes on in-stock Parts, Accessories and General Merchandise. See you then!



Alison Soares has been a delightfully snarky addition to the Rocky's Harley-Davidson team since 2019. She is our in-house online shopping guru and expert bean-counter. 
 When she isn't clicking "add to cart" in her spare time, you can find her at the shop, usually lurking around the MotorClothes® department. 
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