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There are a few things that you should know about me.  I love (in no particular order) my family, my Harley®, and Christmas shopping.  I love searching for the best deal, the best gift and the most unique thing I can think of to gift those in my life.  I wont lie, there have been some real shitty gifts given along the way (Sorry Dave, I really did think you would enjoy Settlers of Catan…). 


Normally, by this time of year, my tree is up, gifts are wrapped and we are ready to cruise to December 25th spending minimal time in stores.  This year has been different because of “that thing that shall not be named”.  There has been very little time spent in stores, no browsing, and when I am, I usually have an 8-year old tag-a-long asking “what’s this for?”, “can I get this?”, and “Mom, seriously, do you really need more shoes?”. The answer to that last question is yes, always yes.


So, the last and most difficult person to shop for is always my husband.  He has every tool known to man, buys whatever and whenever he wants all year, and apparently, does not appreciate Catan.  He wants a 2020 Harley-Davidson® Breakout® 114 before they disappear, but our garage is sorely lacking in space from our other mid-life crisis purchases (you know, convertible mustang, lowered truck, that home-gym system we swore we'd use but didn't). 

I looked up one-year membership to the Jelly of the Month Club (the gift that keeps giving the whole year), but they wont deliver to Canada, so once again, I was stuck.  Since the man also loves my Harley® (and like, who wouldn’t), I have compiled a list of the Harley-centric things I have picked up for him for Christmas.  Also, Dave, if you are reading, please stop here.


I saw Jason Momoa (yeah, I follow him….for the bikes) wearing this in one of his Insta posts. I fell in love with classic styling of the sweater!  I picked this up for Dave so I can pretend?


    When you find something you love, you buy it in more than one colour.  It’s the universally accepted rule of shopping.



    3. Harley-Davidson Santa Ride T-Shirt

    How cute is this! Sorry, not cute.  Manly! This is a limited edition 2020 Holiday t-shirt featuring St. Nick on his Hog.  This tee also has the Rocky’s Harley-Davidson logo on the back so you can show your love to your favourite dealership.  I am pretty sure this will end up in my drawer at some point because it is just awesome.


    4. Harley-Davidson Performance Stretch Fast Dry Color Block Shirt

    Every man looks fabulous in a collared shirt. Enough said.  This shirt has side and under arm vents to keep his cool while he toils through his to do list.



    5. Harley-Davidson Bandana Skull T-Shirt

    What can I say, t-shirts make the best gifts ever!  Every guy needs t-shirts and Dave is no exception.  I suppose if I folded laundry more than once a month, he may not need as many, so I suppose this is a gift for both him and myself.


    6. Harley-Davidson The Quality Pocket T-Shirt



    I swear this is the last t-shirt on my list.  What can I say, the guy loves them.  This one is great for when I have him working on my car in the garage.  The grease blends well with the black fabric.  Kidding!   This one is super-soft and super-comfy. Santa may just get one for wifey also.


    I wont lie, I already have one of these hanging in my mudroom.  We adore this so much but it is monopolized by all my stuff.  I know Dave will love his own for his keys and coats.  Fun fact, the hooks are strong enough to hold a coat (though be sure to hang it to a stud).


    8. Harley-Davidson Men’s Steel Cable Ring


    A couple years back, my husband broke his wedding band. I never replaced it because I couldn’t find one similar to the original.  When I saw this and how similar it was to his original wedding band, I tossed all my money at Leigh-Anne (who then gave me change and a weird look). Now he can strut around Western University once again proclaiming he is a married man.  Happy wife; happy life.



    We love cookies in our house.  I mean, what self respecting person doesn’t? The gas tank design and simple graphics will be a welcomed addition to our existing cookie jar line up (taking the total to 4).


    Fortunately, all the items on my list, and hundreds more, are available both in-store (so you can see our friendly, albeit masked, faces) or online for home delivery or contactless curb-side pick up.  Rocky’s Harley-Davidson staff will also gift wrap your purchases in unique Harley-Davidson gift wrap so you can get gifts under the tree undetected.





     Alison Soares has been a delightfully snarky addition to the Rocky's Harley-Davidson team since 2019. She is our in-house online shopping guru and expert bean-counter. 
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